Training system

Training system

It has been our consistent experience that our partners reach success and achieve a  substantial level of income from the Dance Heads business much faster, if they are initially supplied with all of the necessary information and knowledge about successful practices, as well as promotional materials, which are already available.

All of the above mentioned items were created when Dance Heads described and systematized their technology. Since then, all useful information has been available for each of the Dance Heads partners. Each piece of information represents an extremely important part in the structure of a successful business.

Based on all available materials and data, we developed a high-performance educational program, which incorporates all practical experience, advice from our most successful partners, confidential business information, PR tools tools for presentation, advertising and promotion of the Dance Heads services.

Mutual support

We developed a convenient way of training and designed practical exercises. By using a step by step process, you can set up your Dance Heads business properly in a very short time without missing any important stages.

Training program materials are available through the main website’s partners’ page and will become accessible to you immediately after the agreement is signed. The program can be studied at a pace comfortable to you. It consists of 3 parts. The first two parts are related directly to the organization of the Dance Heads business. The third part is technical; its objective is to instruct our partners on how to use the equipment properly.

During the entire training period, you will be provided with the assistance  from  the Dance Heads office.

After successful completion of the training program, you will be granted a special certificate.

The program includes the following information and materials:

  • how to start the Dance Heads business;
  • how to hire the best of the best employees;
  • how to promote the Dance Heads services so that you achieve the desired results;
  • promotional tools and methods of their utilization;
  • important marketing information;
  • a scenario of how to open a Dance Heads office;
  • successful marketing practices;
  • promotional practices and materials;
  • how to hold successful telephone conferences with potential clients;
  • proper way to present the Dance Heads services and selection of materials for presentation;
  • pricing policy information and examples of price lists;
  • selection of materials for your website;
  • samples of business cards, leaflets, and sets of other high quality advertising materials for the studio presentation at different events;
  • how to use videos in your work;
  • set of high quality advertising videos;

And many other materials to help you facilitate your start-up and avoid mistakes.

You will know how to start and manage your business!