Technical perfection of equipment

Technical perfection of equipment

Two of the Dance Heads models are designed for operation in a fully automatic mode and are equipped with note or coin acceptors. They are ideal for installation in shopping malls, entertainment centers, water parks, amusement parks, sports venues, resorts, etc. One person can easily maintain from 10 to 20 of these studios. This helps the business owners to avoid significant expenses connected with personnel, maintenance and management, and allows them to receive substantial income while investing very little time.

Studio models designed for operation at different events can be assembled and disassembled in only 20-30 minutes and are easy to transport.

All Dance Heads studios are compact and on average occupy only 3 square meters. This is a very important economic factor, since every additional square meter brings additional expenses and decreases your income, if you pay rent based on square footage. In comparison: any copycat occupies about 6-10 square meters of floor space.

The Dance Heads studios work at a high speed. One operating cycle, from the time participants take their seats until the time they receive a video, takes about 5 minutes. This makes it possible to serve a large number of customers.

The Dance Heads studios have durable construction which ensures their long lasting operation and protection of internal equipment.


The Dance Heads studio software provides the following additional options for your customers:

  • photo printing;
  • sending the video to an email address.

Above services are provided exclusively in the Dance Heads studios.

The Dance Heads partners have an opportunity to purchase an additional console, the “Video Flair,” which will allow your customers to modify and edit their videos, making them unique by adding funny or congratulatory inscriptions, numerous effects, personalized posts, just to name a few.

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