Studio Models


Technical support and warranty service

All Dance Heads studios come with a one year warranty for faulty parts or normal wear and tear.

After the warranty is expired, you can rely on qualified technicians from the Dance Heads office to provide post-warranty service. Our staff has a great amount of practical experience and is always ready to help fix any technical problems. According to statistical data, in 90% of cases, problems can be solved immediately by phone or online support.

Here is how it works:

Upon facing a problem that you or your staff cannot resolve, you contact the Dance Heads technical department by email, Skype or phone, and describe your problem in detail.

The technician will guide you through the process to correct the problem. If needed, he can connect to your system via Internet, complete diagnostics, eliminate the problem, and make the correction.

In case of a defective part, the replacement will be sent to you by the fastest possible means. The Dance Heads system consists of separate, easily replaceable parts. This design is convenient since it allows us to replace components rather than entire systems.

Once you receive the replacement part, you install it and you are ready to go. It’s a fairly easy process and we always try to keep our warehouse stocked with a reasonable number of spare parts.