Sources of income

Sources of income and places for studio installation

There are many ways of earning income with the Dance Heads business: two main methods and many, many more.


The use of the Dance Heads recording studios for servicing celebrations; bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, fairs, festivals, promotions o newly opened businesses, such as restaurants, shops, clubs, etc.

Every event organizer wants to create the most memorable and pleasant experience for their guests or customers, and it is you who can really provide that!

The event organizers pay you, as an owner of the Dance Heads system, a set price to entertain at their event. This price includes transportation expenses and cost of service personnel. In this case, the use of the recording studio is free of charge for all attendees of this event.

Using Dance Heads you will be able to organize the best parties. Guests’ impressions exceed even the highest expectations. Wherever Dance Heads is used, people are having fun, laughing, and thinking of themselves as real stars. Even the process of recording the video captivates all guests. They gather around the studio to watch and laugh, creating a great mood and excitement.

While conducting your business, you will not only search for clients on your own, but also set up mutually beneficial collaborations with different event companies and people working in the entertainment sphere (wedding and event agencies, photographers, masters of ceremonies, and public relations agencies). You can help such companies and people to provide customers with a great entertainment solution, and in turn, they can help you to book more events.


You can use your studio to entertain at a wedding. This will create an unforgettable atmosphere of fun and happiness which will be enjoyed by all guests.

Dance Heads on wedding

Build a business relationship with event agencies and you will receive more orders from them.

Use your studio at a private party and offer each guest a chance to feel like a Hollywood star.

Make money with Dance Heads Dance Heads is a profitable business

Create unforgettable birthday parties and children's festivals:

Dance Heads makes children happy