Here you can find an example of income calculation while using the Dance Heads studios for servicing an event.

Usually, the studios are rented for at least 4 hours. The average cost of such an order is $1 200-$1 500. For every hour after that, you can set an additional charge of about $200-$300.

This way, even if you service one event per week, your monthly income from one studio will constitute $4 800-$6 000 and your yearly income will constitute $48 000-$72 000.

If you service two events per week, for example, on Saturdays and Sundays, then your monthly income will amount to $9 600-$12 000, and yearly income will amount to $115 200 -$144 000.

Example of income calculation for the Dance Heads studios placed in theme parks and other entertainment centers.

We have 4 actual examples from several US partners. Their studios were used in different locations and with different levels of traffic. Taken together, during the week of 03/19 – 03/26, these four studios sold 864 DVD recordings. On average, one studio sold 216 DVDs that week. Every Dance Heads studio owner set her own price, ranging from $5 - $10. So, the average cost of one DVD was $7.50. Accordingly, the average income of one studio for the week amounted to $1 620 dollars.

Isn’t it worth starting and developing your own Dance Heads business?