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Dance Heads is a business that makes people smile :-)

 Dance Heads - Business that makes people smile Best business opportunity - Dance Heads

Our goal:

It is easy to help entrepreneurs start and develop their own business, when the core concept is “To make people smile! :-)”

We aim to form a powerful team by drawing the most enterprising, creative, and gifted people. We supply them with equipment, train and consult them, provide technical support, and share our best practices. We help them to become even more effective and successful.

Dance Heads is a business that brings tremendous joy to the operators and participants alike. You can be easily convinced of this by watching the Dance Heads videos on YouTube. In addition, you can skim through numerous comments on the Internet. Undertaking a business that brings so much happiness to others has a direct influence on its owner. By bringing joy to other people you will definitely feel it too.
Dance Heads has gained wide popularity through many sources. The main source being satisfied customers, who have experienced the storm of cheers, and who tell their friends and relatives about Dance Heads, involving them in the excitement.

The popularity of Dance Heads and demand for our service is growing day by day! Year by year more and more partners are joining us.
The Dance Heads business starts with the purchase of one or several video studios. When purchasing the studios, you will receive a package containing educational materials for doing business based on practical experience. Training systems will be discussed in more detail in one of the following sections of this manual.

By signing the agreement with Dance Heads, you get additional advantages and rights:

  • To use the Dance Heads® registered trade mark, known by millions throughout the world, for your business and promotional purposes;
  • To attend training sessions  and receive educational materials free of charge;
  • To receive the latest software updates free of charge;
  • To receive new video updates  free of charge;
  • To receive current and updated advertising and PR-materials, video presentations and promotional videos free of charge;
  • To receive job descriptions for your personnel, as well as other instructions necessary for a successful workflow free of charge;
  • To receive support for technical and administrative issues from our main office.