Additional ways

In addition to the two main ways of earning income with the Dance Heads there are many others!

While at an event, the Dance Heads Studio attracts a great amount of public attention.
This quality makes the studio a unique tool in the advertising world. It works very well for corporate promotions, retail promotions, and branding.

Many companies and brands are looking for new ways to create a close bond and emotional ties with their target audience. Being able to identify with such a fun and positive experience creates a type of bond that is priceless.
With the Dance Heads’ help, companies can have a powerful emotional influence on the end user and draw positive attention to the products and services being promoted.

The owners of  the Dance Heads studios can receive substantial income by helping to promote and organize these types of events for the corporate world. There are many ways to do this!

Additional opportunities:

The studios can be branded with the company banners or decorated for any specific event. It can be modified in many different ways, i.e. a wedding chapel, a Coke bottle, etc.

You can even insert a logo, a slogan, a short message or advertisement at the beginning of each  video. According to statistical data, each person on average shows their recorded video to 30-40 people. If uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, the number of views could be in the thousands. All of this enhances the effect and fosters the popularity of the brand that is being promoted.

DVD sleeves can also be printed with the logo of the company that hires the studio for their event.

Profitable business